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Fellow numberHost InstitutionJob DescriptionDurationClosing Date
ESR1 (PhD Student)UNIBOTargeting cI as an anticancer strategy (WP1) 36 monthsCLOSED

ESR2 (PhD Student) UNIBO mtDNA deletionsaccumulation and their clonal expansion in tumorigenesis and neurodegeneration (WP2) 36 monthsCLOSED
ESR4 (PhD Student)SALKMetabolic targeting pf solid cancers (WP1)36 monthsCLOSED
ESR5 (PhD Student)SALK Assembly/regulation od OXPHOS complexes in health and disease (WP3) 36 monthCLOSED
ESR6 (PhD Student)UNEWPreventing the germ line transmission of pathogenic mtDNA mutations (WP2)36 monthsCLOSED
ESR7 (PhD Student)UNEWMolecular basis of the spontaneous recovery in infantile reversible cytochrome c oxidase (COX) deficency myopathy36 months CLOSED
ESR8 (PhD Student)TUM-MEDRespiratory complexes assembly and mitochondrial lipid metabolism (WP3)36 monthsCLOSED
ESR9 (PhD Student)RUNMCStructure, function and assembly defects of cI: comprehensive identification and  characterization of cI chaperones (WP3)36 monthsCLOSED
ESR11 (PhD Student)KHONDRIONOptimizing techniques for high-content drug screening in vitro (WP4)36 monthsCLOSED
EST12 (PhD Student)KHONDRIONFrom compound selection, modification and pharmacology to therapy trials and toxicology in animal models (WP4)36 monthsCLOSED
ESR13 (Ph Student)MRCManipulating segregation of human mitochondrial DNA (WP2) 36 months



Fellow numberHost InstitutionJob DescriptionDurationClosing Date

ER3 (PhD)

 FINCBTherapeutic approaches in animal models of mitochoondrial diseases (WP4) 24 monthsCLOSED

 ER10 (PhD) CNIC Determine OXPHOS organization and identify the factors that drive and modulate interaction between respiratory complexes (WP3) 24 monthsCLOSED
 ER14 (PhD)MRCMetabolic phenotypes in mtDNA-muted cells,tissues and xenografts 24 monthsCLOSED

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